Interactive map of Europe with major environmental problems in the participating countries

During the project all partners researched major environmental problems in the participating countries. The results were put into presentations that were shown at the 2nd TTALA in Germany. Afterwards the German students assembled the gathered information into an interactive map of Europe with major environmental problems in the participating countries.

You can watch this presentation by clicking on the following link:

Presentation Opening Ceremony from Germany

Every school created a presentation for introducing their schools, the regions and the countries at each TTALA. They were performed to a huge audience up to 400 students and more. After the end of this project these presentations will be useful in various school lessons such as Geography, foreign languages, Biology, Ethics etc.

Watch an example of a PowerPoint presentation made by German students.

International Day of the Rivers in Dresden, Germany

During the 2nd meeting in Germany we participated in the International Day of the Rivers on September 26, 2016 as a cross-curricular project day on the Elbe in cooperation with the Saxon State Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, the Saxon State Foundation Nature and Environment, the State Dams, the State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology and the operating company for environment and agriculture
s. YouTube Link with student and teacher interview

Water Tests in Lithuania

In the frame of Erasmus+ KA2 project “Protecting the environment is an opportunity! Not a burden we must bear” in spring of 2016 the students of 5i class carried out water research at Kaunas Versvu Secondary School. Students took water samples from a spring in Kacergine, a village around 10 km away from Kaunas, from a well in  Lampedziai , which is around 5 km away from the school, and from Versvu  creek near the school; from Lampedziai lagoon and the longest river in Lithuania the Nemunas. The research was carried out during science lessons. The students tested water alkalinity, amount of chromium , iron, nitrate , copper ions , water hardness. Students used test strips and colour table. The results showed that only copper ions were found in the water. The water in the sources checked is quite clean.

Hexapod Insects or Insects Kingdom at Kaunas Zoo

In November 2016 Kaunas Zoo representatives gave a lesson about exotic tropical insects for our elementary students of Kaunas Versvu Gymnasium. Students learned about the food chain of animals in the Zoo. Interesting and mysterious phenomena of insects in the world helped them to understand the importance of our planet. Close acquaintance with a friendly phasmatodea gave a lot of positive emotions, as she greeted each of the students.


Gabija Riaubaite photo exhibition

Gabija Riaubaitė is a student from Kaunas Versvu Gymnasium (form 11c) and she has never attended the school because she has a serious disability. She learns at home. The girl is interested in nature and especially in insects. She has three stick-bugs in the glass terrarium, the beautiful butterflies come into life from the small cocoons in the glass jar which stands on the table. The girl takes photos of these small creatures because she has no possibility to go out to see nature. The whole world of this amazing girl is in her room, in her photos of the butterflies, stick-bugs… Gabija explores the plants and insects through the microscope and makes photo of these views. It is really hard for Gabija to hold the camera, to press the button, but she is so patient and persistent so she tries to beat all the difficulties and not to surrender to her disability.