Spontaneous Video Application Antonia Legler, Germany for the Meeting in Lithuania

Here you can watch a spontaneous application video made by German student Antonia Legler for the 4th meeting in Lithuania.
She had already taken part in the 3rd TTALA in Finland. Inspired by her participation in this meeting she sent a spontaneous application to the Coordinator of the German school, Mr Heiko Heinze. Antonia was one of the students in our project who realized the great opportunities that the Erasmus+ Project offers to students. She spread her experiences at Pestalozzischool in Radeberg as well as in dissemination events of the Saxon State Ministry of Culture on 23rd September 2017 in Dresden.

Final Project Evaluation

The final project evaluation was carried out at all schools on Google Docs using modern ICT. The result was overwhelming! 92,2% answered the question “How would you estimate the project in general?” with “a great success” or “interesting”.   81,7% of our students and teachers stated that the project has helped them to improve their linguistic competences in the English language. 81,3% would like to take part in another Erasmus+ project.

For discovering the results of the entire final questionnaire please follow the  link :



Interactive map of Europe with major environmental problems in the participating countries

During the project all partners researched major environmental problems in the participating countries. The results were put into presentations that were shown at the 2nd TTALA in Germany. Afterwards the German students assembled the gathered information into an interactive map of Europe with major environmental problems in the participating countries.

You can watch this presentation by clicking on the following link:


Dissemination of the project results at an information event of the SMK on 23rd August 2017 in Dresden

Dissemination of the project results at an information event of the SMK on 23.08.2017 in Dresden

The project coordinator Mr Heiko Heinze held together with the Saxon State Ministry of Culture and the Pedagogical Exchange Service of the Standing Conference and the SBI an information event on the EU educational programs Erasmus + and eTwinning on 23 August 2017. The aim of the event for headmasters of all types of schools was to familiarize them with the EU programs, to get them involved in relevant projects and to show them support options for their implementation.
More than 70 participants received comprehensive information on European funding opportunities and the conditions for applying in Key Actions 1 and 2 of the EU Education Program. In a market of Erasmus + and eTwinning initiatives, as well as in various workshops, they experienced examples of European school partnerships, which through shared learning activities make intercultural exchange tangible.

By clicking on the link you can watch a video about  this event in Dresden.

Presentation Opening Ceremony from Germany

Every school created a presentation for introducing their schools, the regions and the countries at each TTALA. They were performed to a huge audience up to 400 students and more. After the end of this project these presentations will be useful in various school lessons such as Geography, foreign languages, Biology, Ethics etc.

Watch an example of a PowerPoint presentation made by German students.


International Day of the Rivers in Dresden, Germany

During the 2nd meeting in Germany we participated in the International Day of the Rivers on September 26, 2016 as a cross-curricular project day on the Elbe in cooperation with the Saxon State Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, the Saxon State Foundation Nature and Environment, the State Dams, the State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology and the operating company for environment and agriculture
s. YouTube Link with student and teacher interview https://youtu.be/MS9xA3VD74c