Down the River

Kaunas Versvu Secondary School 7th grade students, their parents and teachers participated in the most interesting trip-lesson down the river Dubysa. It was an integration of several subjects: English , Chemistry, Biology and Geography. This lesson was called “Dubysa River – Ecosystem (water, flora, fauna)“.
The main goal of this trip was to analyze the water of the Dubysa, paying attention to its hardness. The students had to find out if it has chlorine, iron, copper, nitrites and nitrates as well. Moreover, the students had to find the geographical information about this river, observe and take photos of the river‘s flora and fauna.The students, parents and teachers were travelling by canoes. After the trip and observations, all of them arrived to the campsite, analyzed the results and learned how to behave properly at a campsite.



Water Tests in University lab

In spring 2016 students of 10th grades together with the teachers Giedre Juškevičienė and Asta Jakutiene took water samples from Plytuplis creek in Romainiai which is near our school. Water analysis were done in the lab of Kaunas Technology University together with the students from 7 more Kaunas schools that brought water samples from the water bodies near their schools. Working together with the university lectures the students of 8 Kaunas Secondary Schools found out that the longest river the Nemunas is the cleanest while smaller bodies of water are much more polluted. It was a kind of surprise as most people think that the Nemunas is the most polluted.

Awesome Animal World.

Kaunas Versvu Gymnasium the 7 th grade students Vilte Abramavičiūte and Kotryna Babravičiūte became the winners of Kaunas city educational institutions  exhibition – competition  „Awesome ]animal world. ”  among 1-12 grade students. Also for the great pictures acknowledgments were given toKamilė Petrokaitė 7i class. and Neringa Slušinskaitė 12 cl. (Students‘ Art teacher- Vida Gužienė­)