Water Tests in Lithuania

In the frame of Erasmus+ KA2 project “Protecting the environment is an opportunity! Not a burden we must bear” in spring of 2016 the students of 5i class carried out water research at Kaunas Versvu Secondary School. Students took water samples from a spring in Kacergine, a village around 10 km away from Kaunas, from a well in  Lampedziai , which is around 5 km away from the school, and from Versvu  creek near the school; from Lampedziai lagoon and the longest river in Lithuania the Nemunas. The research was carried out during science lessons. The students tested water alkalinity, amount of chromium , iron, nitrate , copper ions , water hardness. Students used test strips and colour table. The results showed that only copper ions were found in the water. The water in the sources checked is quite clean.