Gabija Riaubaite photo exhibition

Gabija Riaubaitė is a student from Kaunas Versvu Gymnasium (form 11c) and she has never attended the school because she has a serious disability. She learns at home. The girl is interested in nature and especially in insects. She has three stick-bugs in the glass terrarium, the beautiful butterflies come into life from the small cocoons in the glass jar which stands on the table. The girl takes photos of these small creatures because she has no possibility to go out to see nature. The whole world of this amazing girl is in her room, in her photos of the butterflies, stick-bugs… Gabija explores the plants and insects through the microscope and makes photo of these views. It is really hard for Gabija to hold the camera, to press the button, but she is so patient and persistent so she tries to beat all the difficulties and not to surrender to her disability.