At Kaunas Versvu Gymnasium students have a possibility to attend ecodesign workshop conducted by Art teacher Laneda Jatuleviciene on the regular basis.

Eco houses

Made from used boxes and  natural materials: dried leaves, chestnuts, cones, decoupage napkins.

Puppies, kennels

Puppies from toilet paper rolls, kennels of used cardboard boxes, painted with acrylic paint.


Used glass bottles, painted with acrylic paint, decorated with protective cloth shells, dried herbs, string, felted wool balls.

an eco-fashion

We have provided a retro style hat collection. The main material-wallpaper decorated with guilloch used to protect treles,  paper cupcake forms, foam coating for floors, decorative feathers, plastic containers of food and so on. Dresses made from garbage bags. The collection was introdused to Kaunas city community at Kaunas Environmental Centre.

Students of Kaunas Versvu Gymnasium Helping Animals

“Our Animals – In Our Hands“

The most beautiful celebrations are coming, so the students from 8i grade and their teacher Ieva Kriauciuniene have decided to pay some attention and their time for the homeless animals in the animal shelter “The Fifth Leg“. All students gave their money for the animals, they have bought about 100 kg dogs‘ food. 20th November the teacher and eight students visited the shelter. Now, there are 150 animals there. A lot of dogs met the students with their barking and happy yelping. The students walked with the dogs for several hours. Everyone here needs the attention – one dog should be outside at least for 45 minutes. Everyone was really tired, a little bit sad because the students had to leave the dogs there. However, they felt happy and proud that they could give some help and happiness for the animals. It is so good to do good works.

QR-Codes on wooden stakes placed along the leisure path around La Pilastra Island

Locals and tourists visiting La Pilastra Island will be able to learn all about the flora and fauna of this area of the River Ter  while wandering around the island. With an app “Qr-Code Reader” on their mobile devices, they will be able to find out about the animal and plant species of the river Ter.

QR CODES_Plant and Animal Species from the River Ter

Here you are all the QR-Codes containing information of the animal and plant species from La Pilastra Island by the river Ter. Visitors and tourists will encounter wooden stakes  with these QR-Codes scattered all around La Pilastra Island and by using a QR-Code Reader app on their mobile devices, they will be able to learn about the flora and fauna of this area of the river Ter.